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i spent most of today helping a dear friend move out of his apartment in the bronx and made a trip to his storage unit.  i was able to catch some amazing images of his former apartment hallways and the magically dark and industrial area surrounding the storage facility near the triboro bridge around 208th street.  the view of the river was amazing and i think these are some of my best work yet!  hope you agree!

on the way to lucky

had an appointment in the evening at lucky cheng’s to discuss a new gig coby koehl and i will be collaborating on there.  i hesitated at first but once i pulled the phone out and starting snapping…the rest is history.   here is a little gallery of photos that documented my brisk walk from chelsea down to the lower east side.  caught some great shots if i do say so myself!

outdoor smorgasbord

here is a smattering of photos taken over the past week or two featuring kooky captures of unusual nyc moments.   enjoy!


as the magical weekend stretched as far as it could and it was time for most of the participants to catch the ferry home…back to reality…the universe treated us to a magical site.  it was surely the sunset of the year and no camera could possibly do it justice as we all rushed to take as many photos as we could of the magnificent moment before us.  there was even a rainbow that appeared over the house we were all staying at on the island of flames.  mother nature outdid herself!


here is a slew of shots of the gorgeous nature that exists on fire island…but not the kind that usually ends up in pictures.  there are plenty more where these came from…check out the blog in the next couple of days for the full exposure!

arrow and bow

last night i had a dj gig at arrow bar in alphabet city.  most of the bar, it’s facade and 99% of the walls, steps, bathrooms and vicinity of the bar is a cess pool for graffiti that has been attacked by more and more graffiti.  naturally, my love for the sometimes mundane, sometimes brilliant urban art brought me to snap this collection of photos.  take a look!